Modea-DBI Business Member of the Month

Downtown Blacksburg, Inc is proud to present our Business Member of the Month for February 2016- Modea

Modea is a digital consultancy focused on providing softwaAAAModea at Kent Square-1re solutions in industries where consumers lack control, transparency and choice. The company’s innovative work in the health system space, for clients like Duke Medicine, and the telecom space, for clients like nTelos Wireless, has enabled positive, transformational change in consumer engagement through the adoption of user-focused digital platforms.

One of Modea’s beliefs is that software has transformative power over our lives. Yet software alone isn’t enough. The digital consultancy assists clients in uncovering the underlying issues that get in the way of the customer experience. These aren’t just software and user experience issues, but oftentimes issues within the client organizations themselves. They ensure that the solutions developed are ready for the organizations that will own them.

Holiday Party 2014Creating these solutions take a very diverse group of 24 team members, also known as “Modeans”. They hail from all over the world and represent a range of cultures, backgrounds, and trades. They are a mix of young and not-so-young. However, there is one simple truth that unites them: they’re all family. Whether discussing digital strategies or sharing lunch together on a hike, their people synergize in a way that they feel is special. And that forms a great foundation to do remarkable things together.

This foundation was also built right here in Blacksburg, Virginia. As the company has grown and changed over the years, the town has been a key part of their story. From the vibrant Virginia Tech community to the region’s innovative technology industry to the fresh mountain air, this town runs through their veins. They decided to set up shop in downtown Blacksburg’s Kent Square building, because of the many benefits provided, and are committed to supporting the community through events such as 100 Girls of Code.

Recently, Modea successfully completed a spin-out of a new company, called Ozmo. This new company that is working with clients like Verizon and Telus will focus exclusively on the development of digital device support tools for mobile operators, helping telecom service agents and their customers troubleshoot device issues with ease and confidence.

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To learn more about Modea, check out our website, watch this short video, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

 To learn more about Ozmo, check out the website, and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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