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Back on Track

14 Nov Dr Logan Brooke

Post written by Nancy Moseley

Dr. Logan Brooke is not only a practicing chiropractor, he is also a patient.

“It’s the best kept secret in healthcare,” Dr. Brooke of the downtown Blacksburg location of Tuck Chiropractic admits, “I get adjusted once a week for prevention.”

Dr. Brooke received his chiropractic license in 2005 and moved to Blacksburg from Ohio when Tuck Chiropractic recruited him in 2009.  He decided to pursue the profession after having a positive childhood experience with a chiropractor. A Biochemistry major from Bowling Green State University, he took classes in college that would allow him to transition easily into chiropractic school, allowing him to evolve his childhood passion into a career.

Chiropractic medicine is typically used as a complement to traditional healthcare treatments and benefits people who suffer bodily discomfort due to any number of factors, both physical and mental. This type of therapy concentrates on using manual techniques to adjust the spine, joints and other soft tissues.

“People who come to see us can generally be grouped into three categories, those with physical, emotional or biochemical issues.”

These issues can include any number of health situations from chronic headaches and scoliosis to digestive problems or even unresolved financial stress. The practice attracts a lot of families and 1/3 of Dr. Brooke’s patients are under the age of 24.

“Usually one member of the family starts to see us for a specific reason and then the entire family starts to come. It ends up being a positive experience for everyone.”

The office itself is located on North Main Street on the same block as the new Waffle House and next door to 622 North. All Tuck Chiropractic locations, twelve in total stretching from Galax to Bedford, support a “green” healthcare initiative, believing that making a dedicated effort to benefit the environment will ultimately benefit the patient.

Dr. Brooke’s office has switched to a digital system of record keeping and note taking, nearly eliminating all paper waste. Energy consumption is also kept to a minimum by turning off all electronics and therapy machines when they are not in use. I went by for this interview while the office was closed for lunch and noticed that the waiting room lights and all interior office lights were also turned off. Just that one hour a day of saving energy can make a significant annual impact.

As with most businesses located in the Downtown Blacksburg community, maintaining a strong liaison to Virginia Tech is vital to the success of the practice. However, to depend on a revolving tidal wave of students 8 months of the year, Dr. Brooke admits, is not a sustainable way of doing business. It’s a challenge, but a welcome one, to find a way to stay connected to the local population as well.

“I love the small town feel of Blacksburg. I think we all do a good job of supporting each other by patronizing local businesses as much as possible. I also love running into my patients in the grocery store. It gives me a unique opportunity to grow relationships outside of the office.”

One of Dr. Brooke’s favorite parts of his job is helping build an overall wellness foundation for his patients. It is so rewarding, he notes, to watch them achieve their personal health goals. Dr. Brooke is also an avid triathlete with lofty health goals of his own. He participates in at least two triathlons a month and this summer completed seven total throughout the state of Virginia.

Still, this all begs the question, shouldn’t we be trying to avoid needing a chiropractor at all? There is a misconception surrounding chiropractic therapy, as Dr. Brooke candidly said at the beginning. It’s not always used as a reactive form of alternative medicine, but a preventative one as well. It’s not all careless cracks and pops, but an intentional regimen of procedures that are tailored to each individual’s needs.

“People have to learn to overwhelm their body with good stress, while simultaneously decreasing negative stress. Simply understanding the difference is a huge lesson.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about improving the patient’s quality of life. By being aware of simple things like hydration, sun exposure, regular exercise, correct posture and a general positive mental attitude, we can be in control of our own health journey. But when real life happens, as it tends to do, places like Tuck Chiropractic are at the ready to steer us gently back on course.

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Tuck Chiropractic is located at:
620 N. Main St.

Patient Hours:
Monday 8-12 & 2-6
Tuesday 8-12 & 2-6
Wednesday 8-12 & 2-6
Thursday 8-12 & 2-6
Friday 8-12 & 2-6
Saturday 8-10

To your Health!

14 Sep staff

Post written by Cyndy Graham

After an auto accident, Dr. Chris Belluzzo was helped by a chiropractor. That positive experience led him to his life’s vocation. A Virginia Tech sociology major from Herndon, VA, Chris graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 1997. He then attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota where he earned his chiropractic degree.
Familiarity with the New River Valley area was his main motivation to start his business in Blacksburg. After a stint at Foot Levelers in Roanoke, Chris brought his expertise to Blacksburg, along with experience prescribing custom orthotics, which he still employs in his business. After scouting out several locations, he chose to locate his office in Clay Court, which was just being finished at the time. The fact that he could design the space himself was a big advantage, as well as the visibility along Main Street. As Blacksburg grows, South Main Street isn’t on the outskirts anymore!

One characteristic of his business that he is very proud of is his dedication to spending all the extra time with his clients that he needs to in order to offer the quality of care he feels is necessary. How often do you hear of a doctor who tries to spend more time with their patients! At South Main Chiropractic, Dr. Belluzzo and Dr. Jacquie Keats are assisted by a staff of five. Each doctor brings their own specialties. With more modalities, there are more opportunities to cure their patients. His specializations focus on extremities; her focus is on sports injuries, family wellness, and education. Through the discount program ChiroHealth USA, they are able to provide discounted rates. They also do insurance billing and participate in Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

South Main Chiropractic is also involved in our community.  Dr. Belluzzo volunteers with “Up on the Roof,” a creative professionals event that caters to young professionals and locals of Blacksburg. He is also active in the Rotary Club of Blacksburg, recently chairing the annual Rotary Yard Sale which raised over $1300.00 for local projects.  Dr. Keats is the team chiropractor and manual therapist for the Virginia Tech Track and Field Team and is married to Associate Head Track and Field Coach Greg Jack.

South Main Chiropractic is located in Clay Court and is neighbors with In Balance Yoga, Alligator Alley and Gourmet Pantry!
401 S. Main St.
Blacksburg, VA   24060

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