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Student gallery showcased in monthly Art Walk

17 Oct

Though Blacksburg has a multitude of art galleries downtown, only one is soley managed by students.


 XYZ Art Gallery is the student-run gallery located on Main Street. It was founded by Studio Art students 20 years ago as a way to showcase their talent.


 “It’s kind of like a safe haven for studio artists to show their work in a public setting,” said Carson Bendel, president of XYZ Art Gallery.


 Students control every aspect of the gallery. Faculty advisors give some guidance, but students decide the shows, contact artists and organize events.


 “It’s a lot of fun because anything that anyone wants to do, we make it happen,” Bendel said.

Students who wish to submit work do not need to be art majors, and they are also encouraged to participate in running the gallery.
All artists, students or community members, are welcome to submit their work to the gallery for display at any time. The only requirements for a piece of work are for them to be finished and either matted or framed for display.
XYZ displays a variety of art mediums from paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics to new media. Animations have been shown using projectors, and performance art has been showcased occasionally as well.
In addition to displaying visual art, XYZ hosts musical performances, open mic nights, poetry readings and movie nights. The space is transformative, however, and is open to for other types of events as well.
“We had a meditation last semester,” Bendel said. “We’re gonna start doing yoga in the gallery.”
Intermediate yoga classes will be held at the gallery every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. for anyone to participate.
The current show in the gallery is Capital Vices Collection by Meggalif. It was the first show this semester and will be on display during today’s First Friday Art Walk.
“XYZ hadn’t been involved in this event a whole lot in the past,” Bendel said. “But it’s definitely something we’re looking forward to being involved in.”
The first Friday of each month, art galleries in Blacksburg hold an opening for a new artist or exhibit. Laureen Blakemore, director of Events in Downtown Blacksburg, helped organize it into a larger event known as the First Friday Art Walk.
The Art Walk starts at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 8:00 pm.
“The idea was to make it more public, let people know what was going on, and to bring people down into the galleries and stores so they could find out about these great art galleries,” Blakemore said.
Recently the Art Walk changed its format to a self-guided tour. The idea was modeled after a gallery in Ashville, N.C. that Blakemore visited as a part of the Downtown Revitalization Committee.
Brochures for the tour include information about each gallery participating, as well as a map of where each gallery can be found.
“We came back and worked with the Blacksburg Partnership and modeled our brochure on that idea. People can pick that up at any time and know where the galleries are,” Blakemore said.
Brochures are available in downtown stores, the Virginia Tech Visitor’s Center and participating galleries.
Not every participating location is a traditional gallery. Other venues include the Blacksburg Public Library, Bollo’s Café & Bakery, Eucalyptus Massage Center, Mish Mish, Inc., Gillie’s Vegetarian Restaurant, Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea and Pita Vera.
Groups of attendees range from families with young children to students to senior citizens.
“It fosters being local and enjoying your downtown,” Blakemore said.
Gallery owners and managers want more people to see and experience the downtown art culture.
“It’s definitely our goal to promote art in the community,” Bendel said. “I just want people to know that XYZ exists and that we’re doing really cool things.”
On Oct. 10, XYZ will open their Sci-Fi and Fantasy show with a reception running from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

A version of this article appeared in the Oct 4 issue of the Collegiate Times.

First Friday Art Walks
Take a self-guided Tour of all of the Gallery Spaces in Blacksburg anytime you like but on the following First Fridays participating Galleries will remain open until 8pm.
Friday October 4
Friday December 6
Gallery Guide & Art Walk brochures available in downtown stores, the Virginia Tech Visitor’s Center and participating galleries. Get details here:

Dogs of Downtown- meet Minkie & Caly

10 Dec IMG_5945

Post Written by Erin Jenkins

Part 2 of our Dogs of Downtown series!

Right down the road from Matrix Gallery, and Mr. Keefer Dogg are the Sister dogs of Clay Corner Inn-Minkie and Caly.  These gals enjoy lawn games with their parents and the B&B guests. Caly is an expert cornhole player, frisbee golfer, and both sisters love their tennis balls. Caly is a beautiful IMG_5942nine year old golden retriever, she’s a part-timer at Clay Corner Inn, and part time receptionist at Heartstrings Pet Lodging and Spa. Minky is an adorable jack russell mix, and a full time dog-keeper at Clay Corner Inn. I sat down with the two girls and their parents at their bed and breakfast one day.  Caly is the lover of the bunch, she wants a hug, a kiss, a pat, but she is not obnoxious about it. Minky is a silly girl, and her favorite stance is sitting back on her hind legs, paws folded.  These beautiful girls are friendly, happy, and very well trained. The girls moved east with their parents Nicky and her husband, Rick, when they took over Clay Corner Inn in the fall of 2011 after the original owners decided to retire. From their previous home in California they spent two years searching out B&B properties along the East Coast, wanting to get closer to their three children, the youngest of whom is in Barcelona, Spain, Nicky’s hometown.IMG_5944

The ladies of Clay Corner Inn live to be in their section of the backyard, where there is a taunting squirrel or two to corral. These little girls love being out in the canopy of trees that surrounds beautiful Clay Corner Inn, and sniffing in all the interesting scents that waft in. Although at times the view of a neighboring feline can just be too much to bear, we are all pretty sure these gals would not trade the Inn-life for anything.
Q: What’s the difference between people from Blacksburg compared to those in California?
A: I love people here! They are friendly and want to pet me and love on me. While walking on campus or downtown Dad says I’m a magnet for attention, because everyone always stops to pet me.


Q: What is it like to have other dogs and people staying in your home?
A: I LOVE IT! I like the dogs but I’m mostly interested in the new people, getting a hug, and showing them around my backyard.

Q: What is it like sharing your backyard with cats, squirrels and birds?
A: It’s RUFF!

Q: [for Minky] How do you like your job?
A: It’s great!…although I sure do wish those pesky squirrels would stop dropping in my yard unannounced.


Clay Corner Inn is located at:
401 Clay St., SW

Coming in our next installment of the Dogs of Downtown; meet Goliath, Marketing Team Member at Nest Realty.

Have you noticed that Downtown Blacksburg has been “going to the dogs” for a while now? What do you think about it?

Why not visit some of the Dogs of Downtown:
Calypso the Golden Retriever and Minkie the Jack Russell mix, Dog-keepers at Clay Corner Inn
Keith R. Dogg “Keefer Dogg”, Assistant Curator at Matrix Gallery
Molly and Minnie the mini-Schnauzers, Sales Assistants at Mad Dog
Goliath the Bulldog, Marketing Team Member at Nest Realty
Bella the Bischon Freis, Diamond and Fine Jewelry Expert at Capones Fine Jewelry
Barkley, Antique Collector at Heirloom Originals
Xena, the receptionist at The Laser Clinic
Milo, the greeter at 130 Jackson, who can often be found stationed outside Bollo’s

Other doggie friendly spots in Blacksburg:
Community Arts Information Office
Fringe Benefit
Greenhouse Boardshop: they usually have treats for Fido
Heavener Hardware Lumber and Rental
Heirloom Originals
High Peak Sportswear
Huckleberry Trail
Mad Dog
Market Square Park
Matrix Gallery
Nest Realty
The Henderson Lawn

PLEASE be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your dogs.

Dogs of Downtown- meet Keefer Dogg

5 Nov Keefer2

Post written by Erin Jenkins and Laureen Blakemore

The dogs of downtown are fancy and enjoy “the finer things in life”, but they want you to know they are just like all the other dogs out there. The Sister dogs of Clay Corner Inn Minkie and Caly enjoy lawn games with their parents and guests. Caly is an expert cornhole player, frisbee golfer, and both sisters love their tennis balls. Bella, the greeter and Fine Jewelry Expert at Capone’s Fine Jewelry  enjoys visits to the Farmers Market and sitting on laps in the store while visitors work with her mom and “brother” to design beautiful pieces of jewelry.  While Keith R. Dogg (“Keefer Dogg”), the  assistant curator at Matrix Gallery, enjoys long walks and seeing all his friends at doggy daycare.  When Keefer is not working at the gallery he can be found relaxing or helping his dad around the house, talking nice long walks, attending daycare  at Flying Fur  and taking training  classes with his humans.

While visiting I saw Mr. Dogg knock over a small book with his tail and he told me that often his big fluffy tail is too cumbersome for his mom’s gallery, so he gets to go on a car ride with his dad. Since he does spend a good amount of time “off the job” he really tries to soak up the attention from his customers at the gallery when he’s there.  Keefer Dogg  really does enhance your shopping experience, as he is such a smiley beautiful English Shepard. Keefer is very well trained, and getting even better as he grows.  His treat of choice is cubed Colby cheese, but we are pretty sure he would not turn down any kind of treat.
I asked Keefer a few important questions to get to know him better.
Q: So Keefer, are you a big Hokie fan?
A: I loooove turkey!

Q: What do you want people to know about you?
A: My bark is worse than my bite, and I wanna be loved!

Q: What is your main gripe about Downtown Blacksburg?
A: Not enough fire hydrants

Q: Do you get bored at the store with no other pets around?
A: I get walks with Dad lots , and I get a lot of treats. Of course I do want some more friends–furry and not– to come on over and visit me in Matrix Gallery!

Keefer is very excited that his store will be celebrating its 25th birthday on November 16, although he is a little concerned that mom may not let him come to the party. (Something to do with fluffy waggy tails and too much cheese which is supposed to be for the guests and not for him!) The big celebration takes place on November 16, 4:00-8:00pm. All non doggies are welcome to join the fun which will take place in Matrix Gallery!

Matrix Gallery is located at
115 North Main Street

Coming in our next installment of the Dogs of Downtown; meet Minkie and Caly, the innkeepers of Clay Corner Inn.

Why not visit some of the Dogs of Downtown:
Calypso the Golden Retriever and Minkie the Jack Russell mix, Dog-keepers at Clay Corner Inn
Keith R. Dogg “Keefer Dogg”, Assistant Curator at Matrix Gallery
Molly and Minnie the mini-Schnauzers, Sales Assistants at Mad Dog
Goliath the Bulldog, Marketing Team Member at Nest Realty
Bella the Bischon Freis, Diamond and Fine Jewelry Expert at Capones Fine Jewelry
Barkley, Antique Collector at Heirloom Originals
Xena, the receptionist at The Laser Clinic
Milo, the greeter at 130 Jackson, who can often be found stationed outside Bollo’s

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Dog friendly downtown locations:
Fringe Benefit
Greenhouse Boardshop
Heirloom Originals
Huckleberry Trail
High Peak Sportswear
Heavener Hardware Lumber and Rental
Mad Dog
Market Square Park
Matrix Gallery
Nest Realty
The Community Arts Information Office
The Henderson Lawn

PLEASE be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your dogs.

The vital Importance of Being Earnest

19 Sep Logo Courtesy of Bold Print Design Studio

Post written by Erin Jenkins

Jack- “Algy, you’re always talking nonsense.”
Algy-  “It’s better than listening to it.”

“This play is a classic comedy,” Amanda Snediker told me while we stood in the hall of the Christiansburg Library. She was dressed in full 19th century garb and continued, “it’s a story about love and mistaken identity.” I asked her what made this play so iconic and classic she noted, “this play is full of physical humor, and the cast we have accumulated is extraordinary.” HaeBo Productions is kicking off their 2012-‘13 season with the hilarious and iconic play The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde.

Logo Courtesy of Bold Print Design Studio

I met up with the director, cast and some of the crew on a Sunday night in the Christiansburg Library, where they have been rehearsing the play since mid-August. When I arrived, the director Sarah Klingbeil, was going over the script, while wigs and peacock hair-pieces were being placed, and lines were being memorized by the cast. It was a lively scene. I asked Sarah what she felt was the most challenging aspect of this play, and she told me “most things in theatre are a challenge: advertising, costuming, budgeting…but the easiest thing has been rehearsing.” She then went on to mention the challenge of community theatre in general, one being that all the people involved have other jobs, family, friends. The amazing thing about community theatre is that the actors, directors, and technical crew are doing what they do out of love for the theater and it shows!

Amanda Snediker, pictured left, is performing a few roles, spending part of the time as costume mistress and the other time she is playing Gwendolen Fairfax, the love interest of the notorious flip-flopper, Ernest–I mean John Worthing, or maybe Jack, however you want to look at it. She told me one of the most difficult things about being part of a community theater is that often the hopes of having a “brick-and-mortar” building is just not going to happen. I watched the rehearsal, and I do not think it matters where these actors are acting, whether it’s at the Christiansburg Library for rehearsal, or at Prices Fork Elementary theatre, you will be entertained!

Come on out and watch these incredible acting talents perform “The Importance of Being Earnest”. All performances will be held at Prices Fork Elementary School.

The Importance of Being Earnest is running:
September 27-29 and October 4th-6th at 7:30pm
September 30th and October 7th at 3:00pm.
Tickets and Reservations:
$10.00 for General Admission
$8.00 for Seniors and Students (please bring your ID).

Book your tickets online today!

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HaeBo Productions is a Community Member of Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.

Top Ten reasons to shop downtown!

16 Dec

10. Product Diversity- a multitude of small businesses, each selecting products based, not on a national sales plan, but on their own interests and the needs of their local customers, guarantees a much broader range of product choices.


8. Protect Local Character and Prosperity. By choosing to support locally owned businesses, you help maintain our diversity and distinctive flavor.

7.The Farmers Market is downtown!

6. Community Well-Being
Locally owned businesses build strong neighborhoods by sustaining communities, linking neighbors, and by contributing more to local causes. When you come downtown you will always bump into friends!

5. Bella,Sapphire, & Bradley the “mascot” dogs resident in Capone’s Fine Jewelry and Mad Dog and Heirloom Originals!

4. Keeping Dollars in the Local Economy
Your dollars spent in locally-owned businesses have three times the impact on your community as dollars spent at national chains. When shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more town services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development.

3. You can stop and eat in one of the many fabulous restaurants and see a movie in the beautiful Lyric Theatre!

2. Public Benefits and Costs
Local stores in town centers require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to big box stores and strip shopping malls………..

……and the # 1 reason to shop downtown for the holidays…..

1. FREE PARKING at all metered spaces through January 16!

Watch this video- Shop Downtown for the holidays!

Tell us why you love to shop downtown in the comments section below!

Art at the Market

8 Jul Mccabecoolidge

Passionate about art? Love our Blacksburg Farmers Market? Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Love to buy local?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have the event for you! Saturday, July 16th, sees the return of Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.’s annual Art at the Market. The event has been around for nigh on 20 some years and changed locations and titles three time. It has grown from a handful of artists displaying their latest paintings on a fence of Henderson Lawn on College Avenue under the dubious protection of a handheld umbrella; “Art on the Fence”; to artists showing their work in the alley behind the original Farmers Market; “Art Along the Alley”;to over forty artists in 2010 filling 10×10 booth spaces on the lawn of the Media Building on Draper Rd; “Art at the Market”.

Local artist, Sally Mook, remembers the event well having been a participant since 1987. “Art at the Market started out as Art Along the Fence, the fence being the one that enclosed Henderson Lawn from Main street to Squires Student Center on College Ave. Some artists brought their own setups, but a lot of us hung our paintings from the fence by looping the painting’s wire over the fence spikes or leaning paintings against the fence and resting them on the brick wall……
There was good shade from all the trees along Henderson Lawn and College Ave…. There was good camaraderie among the artists then just as there is now.
The idea that didn’t work out was “Art Along the Alley” – it was waaaay too hot there and that must have been the low point for Blacksburg’s sidewalk art show as I believe there were only 7 of us artists.
No matter what the weather, I’ve always loved being a part of this show. So many people come downtown to look at art and to visit, it’s truly a fun, hometown event for me.”
Nancy Norton, stained glass artist, shares an enthusiastic view of the event; “This will be my fifth year at Art at the Market. Through heat and rain and perfect weather, it is always a treat to see so many folks downtown and for them to have a delightful opportunity to see what our local artists are doing.”

Without a doubt this exposition of unique works showcasing local artists in all visual media has seen its popularity and success increase as each year passes. Attracting an increasing number of artists each year it has become the premiere arts event in Blacksburg.

Art at the Market is now held each year in conjunction with Breakfast at the Farmer’s Market, a family event featuring wonderful locally grown food, live music and the best produce the farmer’s have to offer! This is the ideal opportunity to take in a little art with your breakfast.

Art at the Market is another great event brought to you by Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. with sponsorship from
Fringe Benefit, the Community Arts Information Office, and Mish Mish

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Spotlight: Southwestern Virginia Social Dance Society

17 Apr

SVSDS Dance Night: April 15, 2011

Since its establishment in 1990, Southwestern Virginia Social Dance Society or SVSDS, a local non-profit organization, has been encouraging dance in Blacksburg community by bringing together dancers from other local dance organizations under an inclusive dance family. These dance organizations include Solely Swing, Ballroom Dance at Virginia Tech, and SalsaTech. SVSDS’s current President, Chaky Sriranganathan, a Blacksburg native
has been dancing in the area with SVSDS for 8 years, teaching for Solely Swing and SalsaTech. As he described his passion of dance, he highlighted how SVSDS serves to bring the Blacksburg community closer together as part of a dance family.

Over the years, SVSDS was housed in various locations with the most recent locations being the old Center of Dance location on Draper Road and DanceTech. The organization partnered with the YMCA to construct a sprung dance floor at its current location in the Stuart Event Room at The Y Center. It offers weekly lessons from 7:30pm to 8:30pm and open dance from 8:30pm to12:00am on Fridays. Each night averages around forty to sixty dancers! Are you a newcomer to SVSDS or beginner dancer? Don’t worry; try SVSDS for the first time free of charge!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Currently, the organization is working with Solely Swing to host the VTLX (Virginia Tech Lindy Exchange). Lindy Exchange originally started with dancers in Chicago traveling to the west coast to meet new dancers and exchange community dialogue around dance. Attracting dancers all the way from San Francisco and Ohio, VTLX will run on April 29th, April 30th and May 1 and will feature two live bands! On Friday April 29th, SVSDS is presenting gypsy swing by Christabel and the Jons. The event will be held Stuart Event Room at the Y Center. Following day, Saturday April 30th, Soley Swing is presenting The Atomic Rhythm All-Stars, a swing band, at the Commonwealth Ballroom Squired Student Center. Both events will consist of a basic lesson, starting at 7:30pm on Friday April 29th and 7:00pm on Saturday April 30th for only $10/person. Bring your dancing shoes and join SVSDS and Solely Swing for VTLX!

Music for a Wintry Afternoon

8 Feb concert_poster

This year Puxantawny Phil did not see his shadow-much to the relief of the winter-weary. On Wednesday, February 2nd, the world’s most famous groundhog predicted an early spring.  Although we are already seeing sunshine and warmer temperatures, let’s face it, we are still in the throes of winter in Southwest Virginia, with spring seemingly still a long way off.  So what could be better than a little music to warm your soul and revive your spirit? On Sunday, February 13th, at 3:00 pm, come to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation for a special FREE concert, “Music for a Wintry Afternoon”.  Music Director, Goldie Terrell, and pianist, Jared Gibbs, will perform a concert of classical music for flute and piano. The program includes pieces by Bach, Fauré, Debussy, Godard, Beethoven, and an original composition by Jared. A reception will follow the concert, which is open to the public. Donations will be accepted with all proceeds going towards support of the music program at the UUC.

Goldie Terrell is music director at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Blacksburg.  She started playing music at the age of 4 when her family acquired a piano, and she took up flute at the age of 8.  Currently, she sings with the Blacksburg Master Chorale and performs often on flute, folk guitar and recorder.

Goldie earned an engineering degree from Rice University, where she also took classes at the Shepherd School of Music.  In addition, she holds a degree in computer science.  Mr. Atkins, band director at A&M Consolidated Schools, nurtured her early musical development, and Francile Bilyeu at VCU was her esteemed flute teacher.

In addition to music, Goldie enjoys hiking, sewing, canoeing, appliance and car repair, and gardening.  Her husband, daughter, and two puppies occupy much of her time.

Jared Gibbs earned a BA in music performance from Virginia Tech in 2004, where he studied with Mary Louise Hallauer and Chip McNeill.  After a brief stay in New York, during which he studied with Sal Mosca and John Esposito, Jared returned to Blacksburg and Virginia Tech, earning an MA in English in 2010.  He is currently employed as an Instructor of English at Virginia Tech, and he has served as the Blacksburg Unitarian Universalist Congregation’s pianist since 2007.

Jared lives in Christiansburg with his wife, Natalie, their English Setter, Hannah, and their incipient daughter, Caroline Kate.  Besides making music, reading, and writing, Jared enjoys woodworking (and not cutting off his fingers).

The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the New River Valley (UUCNRV) was founded in 1956 and is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations(UUA). UUCNRV became members of Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. early in 2010 after our reorganization opened up our membership to individuals and nonprofit groups sharing a common vision- that of working together for a better community.

UUCNRV is a welcoming Congregation –their doors are open to all people, regardless of their religious beliefs, political leanings, sexual orientation, or background. They believe that freedom of conscience is the core of true religion and that diversity of belief enlivens the congregation. As one of their forefathers noted, “we do not have to think alike to love alike.”

The newly expanded UUC building is a beautiful space for performances. The dream would be to “grow” this first concert into a series, using the venue for performances by a variety of local musicians, singers, etc., as well as a place for readings by local and visiting authors, poets and storytellers. This is in addition to the exhibits of works by local artists which are already displayed on a regular basis.

UUC Mission Statement

We are a caring and diverse community bringing spirit, love, justice, learning, and reason to our congregation and to the larger world.

The UUC Meeting House is at 1301 Gladewood Drive in Blacksburg, near the University Mall on Prices Fork Road. The phone number is (540) 552–9716.

If you are interested in exhibiting your art or performing in the UUC space please contact Lisa Evanylo at

For more information about The Unitarian Universalist Congregation please come along any Sunday for the 10am service or visit the website:

At the UUC there’s always a welcome smile for everyone!

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The Gift of Art

21 Dec jewels

“Our aims are to make quality art events affordable, attractive and accessible to our members and to the public; and to encourage and support one another while fostering creativity and joyfully exploring the arts.”

Promoting the arts in the New River Valley since 1950, the Blacksburg Regional Arts Association is a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Partner, a member of the Blue Ridge Arts Council, and a non-profit volunteer organization. Showing now in the Community Arts Information Office (149 College Ave), is a holiday display of art and craft by members of the Blacksburg Regional Art Association.

The Gift of Art
The work of the following artists is featured in this special exhibit- Dale Norton, Toni Bowman, Marie Collier, Paula Golden, Susan Hensley, Nancy Norton, David Pearce, Mary Ratliff, Cecilia Riegert, Robi Sallee, Lois Stephens, Donald Sunshine, Joanne Sunshine, and Gerri Young.
Items available include art in a variety of media- from carved wooden bowls, sparkling beaded jewelry, and woven rugs to photography, stained glass, and watercolors; guaranteeing that there really is something for everyone. And that includes something for everyone’s budget. You can buy your friend a beautiful handcrafted stained glass Christmas tree for as little as $12. Original holiday cards, customized jewels, and recycled glass pendants add to the mix. Give the gift of art, created by local artists; the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

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The exhibit runs from December 1-30, 2010 and all items on display are available for purchase so drop in and find a gift for someone special!

Community Arts Information Office, 149 College Ave, Blacksburg
Hours of Operation: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Mon. – Fri
10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Sat. *
1:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Sun. *
* As Staff is Available

For the first time in sixty years of service, the BRAA has a public presence! “It’s a place to gather, welcome visitors, show our art, store our stuff, and toot our horn. Our office is located at: 149 College Avenue, Blacksburg, VA 24060, in the Central Arts Information Office (CAIO,) near the Lyric Theatre and across the street from Theatre 101, and Henderson Lawn. It’s the heart of the developing Downtown Blacksburg Arts District.” says President and local artist, Nancy Norton.

Want to know more about how you can support the BRAA? Check out the website: BRAA or call: 540-552-0552.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to be local!

7 Dec boots

Get into the holiday spirit while supporting your local merchants- join  us for our special holiday shopping nights in downtown Blacksburg. For unique and unusual gifts, eclectic dining choices and a variety of special activities there is no better place to go. The activities on Ladies’ and Gents’ Nights are not restricted to the venues listed- featured below are details available at time of writing.

Downtown Blacksburg: buy local. eat local. be local.

Ladies’ Night- late night shopping/dining- Thurs 9th Dec, 4-8pm
Ladies come on downtown for Ladies’ Night- enjoy special treats and attentions. Let your local merchants assist you in creating your Wish List so that special someone in your life knows exactly what you want this holiday season! Shop for your significant other, family and friends.

Great shopping including free gift wrap, personal shopping assistance, special discounts, wish lists, refreshments and more at participating locations:
Fringe Benefit
Matrix Gallery
Gourmet Pantry- great gifts, excellent service and a fun night out!
Main Lee Art- make a holiday ornament while enjoying a hot beverage.
310 Rosemont
Kent Jewelers- Holiday gift for everyone! Free jewelry inspection and cleaning while enjoying Hors d’œuvres
Mad Dog- wine & cheese
Community Arts Information Office- Blacksburg Regional Art Association offering “Gifts of Art”

Great Food- specials
Poor Billy’s
Ben & Jerry’s
Rita’s- buy a gift card of $10 or more and get one free treat
Next Door Bake Shop- 10% off
Café de Bangkok- 10% off meal purchase
India Garden – 10% off meal purchase
Bollo’s & Gillie’s

Great Entertainment and a place to stay!
Main Street Inn- Make a night of it. 10% off room rate
Gillie’s -acoustic favorites with Bobby Parker 7-9:30pm
Awful Arthur’s- Metal bands from Fredericksburg, Richmond, Roanoke and Blacksburg will perform at 8 p.m.
622 North- 10 Dollar Sins, classic blues, rock, R&B at 9pm
The Lyric Theatre- showing “Hereafter” at 7 & 9:30pm

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Gents’ Night- late night shopping/dining- Thurs 16th Dec, 4-8pm

Gents come on downtown for Gents’ Night- enjoy special treats and attentions. Find out what your significant other has on their personal Wish List held in each participating store. This year that special someone in your life will get exactly what they want this holiday season! Shop for your significant other, family and friends.

Great shopping– including free gift wrap, personal shopping assistance, special discounts, refreshments and more at participating locations:
Fringe Benefit
Matrix Gallery
Gourmet Pantry- champagne, tasty treats and a store full of great gifts.
Main Lee Art- make a holiday ornament while enjoying a hot beverage.
310 Rosemont
Kent Jewelers’- Hang out with the guys and play blackjack for discounts on jewelry. Enjoy chili, wings, and beverages on us while you get your Christmas shopping done early.
Mad Dog

Great Food- specials
Poor Billy’s
Ben & Jerry’s
Rita’s- buy a gift card of $10 or more and get one free treat
Next Door Bake Shop- 10% off
Café de Bangkok- 10% off meal purchase
India Garden – 10% off meal purchase
Bollo’s & Gillie’s

Great Entertainment and a place to stay!
Main Street Inn- Make a night of it. 10% off room rate
The Lyric Theatre- showing “Inside Job” at 7 & 9:15pm
Gillie’s – bluegrass with The Java Brothers 7-9:30pm