Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our business Member of the Month for May 2019- Mandell Real  Estate.
Jay and Danielle Mandell moved to the New River valley as hands-down choice location to raise their family of 4 daughters, being drawn to the beauty of the area as well as the opportunities available.  Jay began investing and developing several neighborhoods and communities from the ground up, and quickly formed a Class A custom home construction company that designed and built over 200 homes. Jay and Danielle have been involved in developing community and real estate in the area ever since.
After extensive experience with real estate investment, land development, and creating neighborhoods, a new company emerged, Mandell Real Estate, which is now their full time passion and focus.
The Mandell Real Estate team recently expanded with the addition of Joe Racek, a long time friend of Jay and Danielle.  Joe, a Virginia Tech grad, has called Blacksburg home for over 20 years. Joe has lived in an apartment, town home, condo, historical house, and now a beautiful family home. He and his wife, Lisa, are raising 4 teenagers, one of which is set to attend Virginia Tech in the fall!
Even more recently Allen Clark joined the team with significant experience in real estate sales, finance, residential, and commercial property management.
In recent years,Mandell Real Estatecontinues to serve the New River Valley, but has chosen to move to downtown Blacksburg and focus on the Blacksburg community.  They love the Blacksburg town feel and once again want to focus their efforts while still serving the broader New River Valley.
Rather than building a real estate business with a large amount of agents, Mandell Real Estate focuses on quality people that work well together as a team.  They feel this approach works well with the small town atmosphere and culture that makes Blackburg unique and special.
When asked about what they value most, they quickly responded that one of their highest values is to always serve people with their best interest in mind, which is a Realtor standard, but in their opinion much easier said than done.  Joe Racek comments, “We have to guard against even making the smallest compromises, or communicating with the slightest spin.  I think anyone, in my opinion, whose income is based on commission, deals with this struggle.  We challenge each other as a team to uphold this value in every transaction.  And I believe since we are committed to this as friends and as co-workers, we protect ourselves.  Our clients often say that they feel less pressure and see a genuine effort for their best interest.”
Mandell Real Estate has an office in downtown Blacksburg on the second floor above Jimmy John’s.  You’ll find them more often, though, working onsite or in coffee shops around town.  Joe, Danielle, Jay, and Allen love Blacksburg and are strongly committed to working within the community as it continues to develop, especially with the opportunities and tensions that come with a growing small town.  Jay Mandell says, “In the end, we do love serving others in real estate, but even more, we love getting to work together as a team of friends over the long haul, especially with strong shared values in how we conduct business with integrity.”

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