Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our business Member of the Month for March 2019- Main Street Pharmacy.

Steppin’ Out

Main Street Pharmacy opened in April of 2016 with the goal of providing better healthcare at lower prices. We do this by getting to know our patients, using an efficient and reactive system, giving back to our community, and staying ahead of the curve. “Take care of your community and they will always take care of you” are the words we live by.

I began at Virginia Tech in the fall of 2004 and fell in love with the town of Blacksburg. Growing up as the son of an Independent Pharmacist, my plan was to open up a small town pharmacy with a focus on patient care in the town I love. We are not shackled by a corporate office whose only concern is share price, so we have been able to provide lower cost medications and superior service to the town of Blacksburg by being flexible and reactive to the prescription drug market.

Main Street Pharmacy is known not only for its great service with a smile, but has constantly been innovating. We made national and international headlines for our $20 epi-pen alternative during the epi-pen cost crisis as well as our free antibiotic program each year during the holiday season. We have also started a free heart medication program named for Dr. Craig Leonard Brians. Dr. Brians was one of my biggest inspirations, but passed away tragically before the pharmacy could open. This year, we were able to honor his memory by giving our community free healthcare in his name.

We are always innovating and fighting for our patients and community. The work flow system I have developed uses predictive refilling that takes the burden off of patients, decreases wait time, and increases adherence to medication therapy. It also gives me time to get to know everyone. I believe you can’t treat someone if you don’t actually know them. Before the law banning gag orders on pharmacists was passed, we defied the PBMs by always telling patients when it would be cheaper to privately pay for a medication instead of using insurance. Patient care is always first.


We are well known for giving donations to local programs, charities, and sports teams. Out of all of our donations, personal favorites are our donation of $10 per touchdown to the Bruins varsity football team as well as our support for local youth programs. We firmly believe that keeping money local not only creates jobs and makes our economy stronger, but also allows businesses to give back to the community in a more direct, impactful way. This is one of the many reasons I also volunteer my time as a board member of Downtown Blacksburg Inc. and sit on the membership and festival committees. I believe that downtown Blacksburg is the future of our town and that we should all do what we can to promote it and the businesses located here.

I love the town of Blacksburg, its citizens, and our patients. I feel lucky every day.

–Jeremy Counts Owner/Pharmacist of Main Street Pharmacy

Ervin & Zack

Jeremy Counts: Owner/Pharmacist In Charge
Ervin Counts: Owner/Pharmacist
Zack Counts: Pharmacist

Jaclyn Elbin: Pharmacist
Jaclyn Elbin is a Virginia tech graduate and received her pharm d at Virginia commonwealth university. She resides in Christiansburg va with her husband Kurt and two children, Alexander and Juliet.

Olivia Kavanaugh: Head Technician
My name is Olivia Kavanaugh, and I’m a pharmacy technician at Main Street Pharmacy. I’m a proud dog mom of a golden-doodle named Tanner, and love bringing him along to explore all the outdoor adventures Blacksburg has to offer! I have worked at Main Street Pharmacy for almost 2 years, and it is so great to be able to work for a local business that really cares about it’s patients and gives back to the town!

Stephanie Smith: Technician
Abby Metzger: Intern

Main Street Pharmacy is located at:
301 S. Main St Suite 107
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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