Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our non-profit Member of the Month for January 2019-The Montgomery County VA Regional Tourism Office.

The Montgomery County VA Regional Tourism Office was created in 2012 to promote the county and the towns of Blacksburg and Christiansburg as a travel destination.  Tourism is a significant economic driver for the area due to visitor’s spending on hotel rooms, meals, retail, entertainment and other expenditures during their stay.

One of the responsibilities of the tourism office is to create marketing campaigns to reach visitors. The campaigns target those who live at least 50 miles from the County and who would likely have interest in visiting the area. They are aimed at potential and previous visitors to increase the awareness of Montgomery County and the travel experience it offers. The office also works to let visitors know about dining and entertainment options while they are in town. The primary goal is to increase spending in Montgomery County by developing demand for new, longer, and return visits. A recent example of a campaign designed by the office is the Come Find “Home” campaign launched in 2018. It plays off the “This is Home” tagline of Virginia Tech and targets its “fans” who already have an affinity for the area. The campaign highlights experiences and events unique to Montgomery County and possibly gone unnoticed to “fans” who have not recently been back for a visit.

You can find visitor information at:
The Montgomery County Government Center
755 Roanoke St., Christiansburg

or at
The Community Arts Information Office
149 College Ave., Blacksburg

Check out for ideas whenever you’re planning a visit to the area. For trip inspiration and information follow @GoToMontVA on Instagram and Facebook. Reach out to the tourism office if you would like even more ways to Go to Town in Montgomery County, Blacksburg, and Christiansburg!

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