Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our business Member of the Month for August 2018, Sundee Best Boutique!

Sundee Best Boutique outfits the young and young at heart in trendy styles at affordable prices that make her feel confident, unique, and fabulous!! We provide the fashionably savvy gal with a combination of products and services that deliver the opportunity for
entertaining, fundraising, and socializing wrapped into a turnkey event. We want you to always look and feel your “Sundee Best”!!

The journey to opening Sundee Best began in a beach chair enjoying a cold beverage and rockin’ a fun, floppy hat with my husband, Bruce. We were married in June 2014 (in Blacksburg of course). Bruce was fortunate enough to serve as Coach Frank Beamer’s Deputy Director of Football Operations at Virginia Tech for over twenty years. However; in the coaching world, your destiny is determined by wins and losses and families
never know where the next year may lead. As Bruce and I talked about our future, the dreaded day that Coach would one day retire, where we wanted to be and who we wanted to be with; we passively joked about future plans that would keep us in Blacksburg.

And that is where the Sundee Best story began.

We opened Sundee Best Boutique in April 2015 as an online store and the unique concept Beer Festivalof a Fashion Truck, think Food Truck except with clothes and a dressing room. My love for fashion and fun, affordable outfits coupled with a passion for the people and students of Blacksburg is where it all came together! Now with a store front in Downtown Blacksburg that opened in April 2017, I am a believer that dreams do come true! It has been an unexpected, yet, perfect path and that is what makes this sweet life so crazy good!
I am forever and ever (and ever) grateful for my people along this journey who continue to encourage and cheer me on. They are in my corner and without their love and support; Sundee Best would still be just pie in the sky. I have learned over and over that showing gratitude is essential.

Our Sundee Squad; consisting of on average 8-10 Blacksburg and Virginia Tech girls is without a doubt the reason that our store has had such incredible success in only 16 short months. My Team are ROCKSTARS and I tell them every single day how fabulous they really are!

Garnes (125)In a recent interview with a current Virginia Tech student, she asked me if this business fulfilled my passion for fashion…without hesitation, I said “no way, it fulfills my passion for people and bringing happiness to every woman who visits Sundee Best.” That response flipped a switch as I began crying happy tears, immediately reflecting on the past three years and the Sundee Best journey. No doubt, it has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my life so far. I live for helping my customers find that perfect outfit by creating an easy, affordable, and fun way for them to shop. In a
world constantly telling a woman how she should look or that she isn’t good enough, I want to bring her confidence and love via a great outfit and friendly conversation! You cannot visit Sundee Best without seeing me in it. From the clothes on the racks to the
chic decor in the store and detail throughout; my whole “Hokie” heart and soul are on display!

I want Sundee Best to be more than just a fabulous clothing boutique, but a confidence builder for beautiful women and a champion at serving others in the community. I believe whatever is good for your soul. Do That! And remember “Sundees are for The Girls”

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