Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our business Member of the Month for October 2017 – Sycamore Deli.

Sycamore Deli began its journey back in 1982 as a small vegetable stand in Lexington, VA owned by Bruce and Betty Becker called Sycamore Farms.  Their vegetable stand grew popular so they moved to a building and added sandwiches to their menu.  In 1988, the Becker’s moved their operation to Blacksburg and set up Sycamore Farms on the South side of town.  After a couple of locations around town (downtown next to PK’s and where Carol Lee Donuts is currently located), Sycamore Farms landed in the old A&J Quick Shop on Turner St. The current owner, Mike Weber, bought the restaurant and changed the name to Sycamore Deli in 1995.

After 15 successful years at the Turner St. location, the construction for the Main St. round-a-bout began and the Deli had to relocate to its current location on Draper Rd in April of 2011.

Over the years, Sycamore Deli has evolved into not only a place for great subs and sandwiches, but quality craft beers and drinks as well. The Deli has also has established itself as the “go to” place for live music, winning the Collegiate Time’s Best Live Music  venue award on more than one occasion.

The hours are 11:00 am to 11:00 pm Mon-Sat and have Daily Food and Drink Specials!

Upcoming Events
OCT 25 -Salsa Massive !
OCT 27- Electric Love Machine w/ Buddagraph Spaceship at Sycamore Deli
NOV 2- BIG Something at Sycamore Deli
NOV 7- Amoramora w/ Earth Nipple at Sycamore Deli
NOV 17- Supatight at Sycamore Deli (EP Release)
NOV 30- The Mantras at Sycamore Deli

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Did you know that you can learn to Salsa at Sycamore Deli?
SalsaTech & Sycamore Deli present:SALSA MASSIVES OF FALL 2017!!!!
9:30 – 10pm: FREE Salsa Lessons From
10pm – 1am: Open Dance Floor! with a SalsaTech DJ – get your hips moving!
Admission: FREE for 21+ ,  $2.00 for 18+

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