Hokie Bird 4

Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our non-profit Member of the Month for October 2017 – the University City Boulevard Merchants Association.

“The keyword when discussing the UCB is variety. I like to call attention to the fact the UCB district is packed with unique businesses with diverse owners.  We’ve got a lot of immigrant and female owned or managed businesses, plus unique passion projects like Bonomos boutique and the E-Sports Loung. You’ve got everything from Tibetan cuisine in Himalayan Curry Cafe to high class Italian food and wine at Zeppolli’s. It’s also convenient with two major drug stores plus a grocery store, a hotel, three major bank branches, and two gas stations (four if you count the two at the corner of Tom’s Creek and UCB) and all minutes walk from Sturbridge Square and only a little farther from Chasewood Downs and Shawnee Apartments. Plus, it’s an affordable area, where rents for businesses and prices for customers are quite reasonable.”

Member List
Adventure Club Hunan King The Weight Club
BB&T Hyatt Tropical Smoothie
Best Wishes Sturbridge Square University Crossroads
Bonomo’s McAlister’s Deli Verizon Wireless
Chantilly Lace Sleep Mattress VT Bookstore
Fun n Games Suntrust (inside Kroger) VT Foundation
Hall Associates Sushi Factory Zepplois
Himalayan Curry Café The Beast of Blacksburg

About The Organization

The association was created in 2014.  When it began we would spotlight a member to come and speak about their business, what accomplishments they have had, the challenges they face in Blacksburg, what makes them unique.   The main goal in creating this group is to help build the businesses around UCB, bring more awareness to the community, have stronger relationships with our fellow merchants. 

Upcoming Events

Halloween Carnival- Oct 31, 3-6pm

We have held a Halloween “Carnival” in the UCB mall for the past 4 years and will be doing it again this year.  We have the merchants hand out candy and coupons, if they would like.  The Vol II Bookstore and Leslie Morgan are instrumental in getting the marketing done and always contribute balloons and have gotten the Hokie Bird to make an appearance in past years.  We have a professional face painter come and put the finishing touches on kids costumes.  We purchase pumpkins from Heathwood Market then have Markers and stickers available for the kids to decorate the pumpkins.  There are normally around 150 kids that come participate in the activities.

Entry is free.  There will be a face painter, pumpkin decorating, candy, and other activities.

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