Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our business Member of the Month for July 2017 – Top Of The Stairs/Bottom Of The Stairs.

Top of the Stairs (popularly known as TOTS) is a bar and restaurant in Blacksburg,


Virginia, near the Virginia Tech campus. Established in 1978 TOTS is popular among Virginia Tech students and alumni due to its history, proximity to campus, signature mixed drink known as the Rail, and Tuesday night karaoke.

Bottom of the Stairs, the long-awaited sequel to the Blacksburg staple TOTS, opened its doors and began serving food on Monday, April 11, 2017. In a Collegiate Times article on Sept 21, 2015 the owner, Mike Whaley said: “Blacksburg isn’t really known for its barbecue – most barbecue restaurants have the same stuff. We’re going to do some fun stuff, like brine a pork loin and lightly smoke it and slice it, put it on a jalapeño roll on top of a potato pancake and put apple chutney on it.”

Mike Whaley at BOTS

Mike Whaley owns PK’S Bar & Grill and has owned TOTS for 20 years.

TOTS classics, including their pulled pork and chicken, brisket, sausage and traditional barbeque sides, like macaroni and cheese, will be available both upstairs and downstairs. BOTS will also offer new menu items with a focus on seasonal recipes, including brine, pork loin, turkey legs, honey-baked ham and sauces of the week, inspired by international cuisine.


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