Blacksburg Children’s Museum – DBI Non-Profit Member of the Month

Downtown Blacksburg Inc. is proud to present our non-profit Member of the Month for February 2017 – Blacksburg Children’s Museum!

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The Children’s Museum of Blacksburg (also referred to as CMB) is a hands-on, interactive learning environment for children. Located at First & Main Shopping Center in Blacksburg, Virginia, the museum boasts more than 5,000 square feet of space, packed with stimulating exhibits, live events and special programs for kids of all ages. At CMB, we are devoted to nurturing the curiosity of children through the exploration of science, technology, the arts and regional heritage all in one amazing museum.

Our team strives to create a play environment that empowers children to lead, engage, and explore with a freedom that inspires curiosity and a love for learning. By appreciating the importance of inclusion, we acknowledge that the collective and individual skills, talents, and perspectives of our members and guests foster a culture of collaboration and innovation. We know that learning and discovery doesn’t end when leaving the museum so we make every effort to provide resources, strategies, and ideas that enhance play until guests visit again.

Like our guests, we’re small but we’re growing! Although our focus is on nurturing and cultivating a sense of curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning, the impact of the Children’s Museum of Blacksburg reaches beyond our members and guests. As a community partner committed to supporting early childhood learning and development, we are also an economic partner, supporting our community and the organizations that make Blacksburg and the New River Valley a very special place.


Birthday Parties:  Book your child’s birthday party with us today and celebrate their big day with play!

Field Trips:  From summer camps to class field trips, CMB is ready for hands-on learning through play.

Special Nights for Special Kids:  Play is for everyone!  Families with special needs children are invited to a special night of their own to enjoy the fun of CMB.  Special Nights for Special Kids features a sensory-friendly environment with fewer guests and more fun for kids of differing abilities.

Creative Kids:  Bring your creative kid to CMB for a sensory-based learning experience.  Creative Kids brings stories alive and engages young learners in hands-on activities that inspire curiosity and learning in a positive, inclusive environment.

Support CMB

Membership:  Join today and enjoy unlimited visits for a full year!

Become a Partner in Play.  Give Today!  Inspire future doctors, train conductors, astronauts, and actors with a gift to CMB today!  Your financial contribution enables curious kids to explore their full potential through play-based learning.  After all, the future belongs to the curious.

Visit Blacksburg Children’s Museum today!

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