Boudreaux’s- DBI Business Member of the Month

Downtown Blacksburg, Inc is proud to present our Business Member of the Month for December 2016- Boudreaux’s Restaurant.

Boudreaux’s was founded in the fall of 1995, by local resident and Tech graduate Jeff Ames. It began as an idea he had while attending the Pamplin School of Business for a full service restaurant featuring unique cuisine and friendly hospitality at a reasonable price. The boudreaubwcuisine was inspired by the Southern and Cajun culture of his step-father, who was a Jazz and Blues musician in the Deep South.

As for the name, Boudreaux’s (pronounced ‘Boo-Dros’), it was a common Acadian name, and when the Acadians migrated to Louisiana they became the Cajuns. It was so common that when one Cajun met another they would say “Hey Boudreaux” as a friendly greeting, similar to “Hey Buddy”. That sense of welcoming fit with Jeff’s original concept for the restaurant, and now, over two decades later, it remains what Boudreaux’s represents.

For the last twelve years Charles Howard has worked at Boudreaux’s where he began as a server and is now the general manager. A lifelong restaurant worker and Tech alum, he works with a staff made up of both students and locals to keep Boudreaux’s boudreauxsdeckdowntown tradition going strong. A fun fact about Boudreaux’s is that no fewer six, and possibly many more, marriages have happened between our employees.

Boudreaux’s is open seven days a week for Lunch, Dinner, Weekend Brunch, and Catering. Our gift cards also make great gifts. Boudreaux’s features two levels of seating. The downstairs features a bar and available booth seating, while the upstairs deck features an additional bar and open roof seating. Please note that the upstairs deck may be closed seasonally and on account of weather/temperature.

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