New River Stage-DBI Non-Profit Member of the Month


Downtown Blacksburg, Inc. is proud to present our Non-Profit Member of the Month for September 2016-New River Stage

Informally launched in 2004, New River Stage (NRS), formerly named Trisoul, has become dedicated to offering core theatrical opportunities to the New River Valley. Opportunities such as adult community theatre productions, children’s theatre productions, and performance workshops for children, as well as classes for adults, are offered.

Board Members:

AJ Brightman Moose, President

Dan Leary, VP Artistic Development

Sarah Tuthill, VP Planning & Development

Dave Mann, Past-President

Brenna Bowyer, Student/College Outreach Liason

Betty Shideler, Treasurer

Mark Curtis

Elsie McCombs

More information:

NRS provides youth (K-5th) programs, youth (6th-12th) programs, and adult programs. Their upcoming events consists of:

Late September: auditions for the last show of 2016 “The Game’s Afoot” by Ken Ludwig

October 29th at 10:20am at Village Center on campus of Warm Hearth: Youth Fall 2016 showcase

October: Fall fundraiser

Opening Second Act Class information can be found: opening-second-act-classes-fall-2016.

We can be found online at or follow us on FACEBOOK for up to the minute notices of shows, events, and audition opportunities.


Tried to come up with a theatre pun… but then it’d just be a play on words.



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