A Bite of Cajun

Post written by Cyndy Graham

Located in the heart of downtown Blacksburg, Boudreaux’s Restaurant offers cuisine with items not available on most menus; gator bites, jambalaya, and muffaletta, just to name a few.  Begun in Blacksburg, VA in 1995, there is also a Boudreaux’s in Charlotte, NC.  Boudreaux’s is located in a historic building at 205 North Main St. that housed the first bank in Blacksburg. Originally a Farmers and Merchants Bank, and then the National Bank of Blacksburg, the walk-in cooler and office are the original bank vaults. The owner, a VT alum, also has a partnership interest in Cabo Fish Taco, right up the street. Manager Bobby Snell, who I interviewed for this article, started working in the restaurant industry in college, and has been with the restaurant since 1999.

Boudreaux’s is open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch with on- and off-site catering available.(The Chocolate Chip Pancakes are to die for!) Numerous original drinks are offered to complement your meal such as Hurricanes, Mojitos, and Absinthe. The restaurant’s uniqueness is not just due to the food and drinks. The interior is eclectic and homey at the same time. The dining area on the first floor is intimate and cozy, but there is also a secret on the roof! The roof-top bar and eating area is a true asset. There is no better place on a warm summer evening to eat out or enjoy a drink from the bar. There is also cable TV downstairs for all of those Hokie games!

Boudreaux’s was created as an off-shoot of a senior year Pamplin Business School project on starting a new business, and snowballed from there. The restaurant was incorporated while the owner was still finishing his degree in business management and economics at Virginia Tech, and also provided a way for him to make Blacksburg his home; a place that he had grown to love from his time spent at Va. Tech. The Cajun inspiration came from his step-father, a jazz and blues musician who toured throughout the deep south of Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, and passed on his love of Cajun food, music, and culture.

According to Bobby, being in downtown Blacksburg with campus so close is the best of both worlds.

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Boudreaux’s Restaurant is located at:
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