Cash Mob!

UPDATE: NEXT Blacksburg Cash Mob- Tuesday April 17 at 5:53pm. Meet in Market Square Park. Please like our new Facebook Page and follow us on the  Cash Mob Twitter @CMdtblacksburg

Second  Blacksburg Cash Mob took place as part of National Cash Mob Day on Saturday March 24 at 11:32am. Meet at Market Square Park in front of the mural! Greenhouse Boardshop and Cafe de Bangkok were the two businesses chosen for this Cash Mob event!

First Blacksburg Cash Mob- met Thursday March 8, 5:48pm, meet at Market Square Park (Farmers Market) under the shelter. The store visited was Homebody and the Restaurant was The Cellar.

It’s the craze that’s sweeping the nation and it’s coming to Downtown Blacksburg! To further complement our efforts on Small Business Saturday, and our BUY EAT LIVE local campaign we are joining a very recent phenomenon and starting Cash Mobs downtown. The downtown Cash Mobs are coming soon and we hope that you will chose to join us in this chance to show our local small business owners how much you appreciate your downtown. Check out the Cash Mob Blog – we are already listed as participants and our countdown to the next Cash Mob clock is ticking on our website.

The Plan

1) The Cash Mob will meet at the announced time and location

2) The specific business to support will be revealed and the Cash Mob will shop there

3) The After Mob will share a celebratory drink or snack at the assigned local restaurant

Cash Mob rules for participants

  1. Spend up to $20 (of course you may spend more if you wish)
  2. Meet three people you didn’t know before
  3. HAVE FUN!!!

Cash mob rules for coordinator

1). The mob date must be announced at least a week in advance via Twitter. (Follow CMdtblacksburg for our Tweets!)

2). The location at which to meet will be announced, but not the specific business to support until the Mob meets at the arranged time and location.

3). The business owner must give back to the community in some way. (All merchant members of DBI regularly give back to our community through donations of time, goods and money to many causes.)

4) The cash mob will occur during the evening on a weekday or on a weekend.

5) Parking or public transportation must be available. (For parking details visit Downtown Parking, For public transportation options visit Blacksburg Transit)


Join our Facebook event page

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4 thoughts on “Cash Mob!

  1. Bdiddy

    It seems as if there are some potential unintended consequences to these “cash mobs” that are worth considering. Does the local business owner have the staffing in place to effectively deal with a mob of customers at one time? If a mob spends all at once, will it also then spend less over the weeks before or after the mob, effectively spending the same over a longer period of time and negatively effecting the cash flow and inventory cycle of the business?

  2. Sarah

    @Bdiddy, they businesses are notified, its not a “surprise.” What I see truly being the problem is the Blacksburg Cash mob is going to run out of businesses if they only stay in Blacksburg proper. At the rate of 2 mobs or even 1 a month, that only gives you about a year timeline before you start repeating. People don’t want to mob the same location over and over. Also, there aren’t that many locally owned stores, going back to the issue that at a rate of 1-3 per month gives you a short period of mobbing. I spoke to directors of the Roanoke Cash mob, they are planning to visit stores outside of the downtown area, to include Vinton, Hollins, Salem, etc. If Blacksburg Cash Mob needs to take cue and expand to Christiansburg, the county areas, possibly even Radford. If they don’t they will be repeating businesses or having to start shopping at chain stores. Biggest problem with people in Blacksburg, they think they are self sufficient and don’t need the surrounding area to thrive as they do. We’ll see how long this will last, as I said, expand outside of Blacksburg or this will burn out fast. If you do open up, you might open up a new dialogue with people who don’t live in Blacksburg who have a bad taste in their mouth for the town that houses VT. We’re all in this together, its the NRV not the area that surrounds Blacksburg and Tech. Tech puts us on the map, everything and everyone around it makes its great.

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