Downtown Blacksburg Inc. (DBI) unveiled the new logo for the “BUY, EAT, LIVE local” campaign on January 27 2012. The logo was displayed on a giant scale adorning the drive side of a Blacksburg Transit bus in front of Burruss Hall on the Virginia Tech campus.

Left: Meaghan Dee, Instructor at FOURDESIGN, Right: Logo Designer, Amelia Liarakos

Proudly standing in front of the bus was designer Amelia Liarakos- a junior visual communication design major, and staff member of FOURDESIGN, a faculty-led, student-run digital and print design agency at Virginia Tech. Amelia designed the logo in two to three hours using Adobe Illustrator and said “It was more concept rather than building”.

The original “buy local. eat local. be local.” campaign ran from approximately 2006- 2011 and proved to be extremely popular throughout Blacksburg and the surrounding area. The DBI Marketing Committee decided it was time to revamp the look of the bumper sticker, to freshen it up, make it more appealing to a younger generation and add a “QR” code that, when scanned by a smartphone, could push traffic to their website. Organizers say the message of supporting the downtown merchants hasn’t changed; it’s just got a new look.

New bumper sticker

“What I wanted to do was to simplify it and give it a bigger impact,”  “I wanted to make it more modern. My initial thought was that the bumper sticker was a little cluttered, there was a lot of text going on,” logo designer Amelia Liarakos said of the old design. “For a bumper sticker you want something that’s simple and bold, so I wanted to simplify it.”

The logo is featured on bumper stickers which are free to customers at most downtown stores and restaurants. It is also displayed on fridge magnets which will be distributed at random during downtown events. T-shirts sporting the logo are available for $15 at Heavener Hardware, Mish Mish, Eats Natural Foods and Greenhouse Board shop. Long-sleeved shirts are available for $18 at High Peak Sportswear, Mish Mish and Heavener Hardware. Proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go towards providing great entertainment for downtown festivals such as Summer Solstice Fest and Steppin’ Out.

Designer Amelia Liarakos, in front of the Blacksburg Transit bus which carries her design

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