and always a free cookie with your eye exam!!

Post written by Lauryn Tamburello

Dr. Steve Jacobs, Optometrist

Free cookies to get your eyes checked out? Yes, please! As soon as I walk into Dr. Jacob’s office, I’m greeted by two smiling women, Fran and Darlene, offering me a cookie while I wait to meet with Dr. Jacobs.

These two women (Fran’s the one baking the delicious cookies all the time – special advance requests taken eg. sugarless, nut-free etc…) along with Mechelle, Amanda and Regina, are part of what makes this office so special.  I look around and feel a sense of community and warmth; the office is covered with seasonal decorations as well as a community message board adorned with local business cards.  There’s nothing like a good support system.

No time passes as Dr. Jacobs introduces himself and we walk to the exam room. There I see how the office extends around the corner and comes out into an entire room of eyeglasses, there’s certainly not a lack of options here.

Dr. Jacobs came to the field of optometry in a somewhat roundabout way.  After graduating from Cornell University he received a Master’s Degree in Child Development at Michigan State.   However, due to the early 1980s’ prevailing political and economic winds, he decided another career option might be appropriate.   Following the suggestion of his father, who knew their local OD, he looked into optometry as a career offering involvement with people as well as science, and he hasn’t looked back.   The desire for a more laid back lifestyle, especially with two very young daughters, than one possible in Brooklyn or its environs, fortuitously led to Blacksburg “the U.S.’ best place to raise kids”  in 1988 and work at the newly opened NRV Mall.  Once he and his wife, Cathy, decided after two weeks that this is where they wanted to stay forever, it took two years to gather the courage and finances to open his own office, finding a perfect spot on North Main Street.

One way Dr. Jacobs stands out in the community is the personal service he and his staff offer as well as homemade cookies and the feeling you get as if you’re a part of their extended family. The practice is highly involved in the charity, VICCC, which works to create high-quality, affordable, educational, and nurturing care for very young children (ages 0 -5) of income-eligible working families in the New River Valley AND NRV Cares, which “provides child advocacy, resources, education and services.” For the past four years the office has held a “Trunk Show” in November featuring representatives from three eyewear manufacturers, great sales and great food, as a means to raise funds and awareness for these two organizations.   Patrons are requested to donate a portion of their discount the VICCC and NRV Cares, and Dr. Jacobs matches that amount.   Also for their benefit, the practice is currently holding a “Best of Blacksburg” raffle featuring items from local businesses such as wine sets from Vintage Cellar, Gillie’s gift certificate, jewelry from Capone’s etc…

A piece of advice Dr. Jacobs likes to work and live by and which helps local communities alike, is to be local and stay local.   Yes, the Internet might be convenient, but you’d be surprised at the great deals you can receive at your local shop! Don’t forget to “Like” Dr. Jacob’s on Facebook and stop in to buy a raffle ticket- 1 for $5 or 3 for $10! Drawing is next Monday morning (12/19), so hurry!!

Also, don’t forget to frequently check Dr. Jacob’s website for upcoming news & events and to learn more about his unique and wonderful staff.  The website is a great resource for those with common health concerns such as “What is Lazy Eye?”, “All About Color Blindness” and much more!

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Fran is the frame stylist and cookie cooker extraordinaire in the building and she boast that “she’s not the one with the accent…. you are” For an extra special treat try out Fran’s Recipe of the Month and let us know in the comments below which is your favorite! Happy Holidays!

Dr. Steve Jacob’s Office Location
620 North Main Street
Suite #101
Blacksburg VA 24060
Phone: 540-953-0136
Emergency Contact: In case of emergency, please phone our office at the number listed above and follow the instructions.

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