Let’s Get Physical!

Post Written by Lauryn Tamburello and Laureen Blakemore

UPDATE: 1/12/12- We are sad to announce that New Tech Fitness closed its doors in December 2011

Walking through the front doors of New Tech Fitness, (which is conveniently located across from Next Door Bake Shop and boasts ample parking onsite) I am immediately struck by a friendly, clean, welcoming, healthy environment. The gym smells and looks clean and bright- a side effect of the massive wall of windows surrounding the entire space. Great to work out in natural light and if you don’t care to watch the televisions it is refreshing to enjoy the beautiful view of the not too distant Blue Ridge Mountains while feeling the burn!

I am delighted to meet Jennifer Miller, “the Fitness Instructor Machine”. Jennifer is the Group Fitness Supervisor of New Tech Fitness, and brings quite a bit of credibility to not only Blacksburg, but across the U.S. Jennifer moved from Knoxville, TN where “I worked for Bally initially and was in the right place at the right time to become a supervisor and now am teaching other teachers across the country.”

Jennifer has been certified for 15 years with the American Aerobics Association International/International Sports Medicine Association (AAAIISMA), which is based out of Pennsylvania. With this certification she is sent throughout the states when needed to teach new classes and workshops. She is also the co-owner of Plain Jane Fitness, which teaches current fitness instructors unique, more specialized techniques such as different workouts you can do with the “bosu ball.”

With this intensive resume, it’s no surprise one of the main attractions to New Tech Fitness are the group fitness classes, and note some days there are up to 15 different class options! Astounding to pick up the schedule and be spoiled for choice- Should I opt for the Healthy Backs Class, which is the only one in town taught by a certified Personal Trainer, New Tech Fitness Manager, Jocy Surface? Or should I try Zumba, Body Pump, Body Flow or that crazy fun indoor cycling workout for cardiovascular conditioning, fat burning, and sculpted legs? I think I need to “sculpt my legs” but the fat burning, hip churning latin-inspired dance moves of Zumba sort of captures my interest…..   Other attractions include a low crowds, no wait for equipment, space in classes (because the classroom is huge!), and the variety of equipment meets all fitness levels. Apparently I could even try out the Aquatic Program which is great for arthritis and joint training and takes place at the heated indoor pool at Hawthorne Suites.

Such variety of equipment, however, can be intimidating, but not for long as most of the employees of New Tech are fitness professionals and trainers with advanced degrees in Physiology and Kinesiology.  Having this experience leads New Tech to being on the cutting edge of fitness but always suggesting safe exercise options.

Last year you might’ve seen the New Tech’s float in the Christmas parade, I don’t think you could miss two spin instructors on bikes advertising the ever-popular spin class. You will also find them at Summer Solstice Fest, teaching Zumba to the crowds, Gobblerfest and involved in VCOM events. New Tech even sponsored a “Biggest Loser” type event in 2010 working with many community partners to make fitness fun for everyone.

As for parents on the fence about going to the gym because they can’t leave their children, New Tech offers Childwatch, which is available to members for a small fee. College students staff this service and use the time constructively by playing and doing activities instead of propping your child in front of the TV. Childwatch hours vary daily which can be found here on their websiteNew Tech Fitness even offers Toddler Time several times a week. Toddler Time offers fun and games for the NTF Childwatch kids in the small fitness studio and is a big hit with the tiny participants!

New Tech Fitness is about more than the obligatory “workout to look good”, New Tech Fitness strives to take your health and fitness goals personally. They give the support and encouragement that is needed to help you achieve the results you desire and deserve. They offer the whole body fitness and wellness approach including the newly opened “Blacksburg Nutrition Store” onsite which is the ONLY nutrition store in Blacksburg. The store is owned and operated by Brian Jardine, a Tech graduate. At New Tech Fitness you get the whole package-personal training, nutrition and fitness advice, a family friendly environment for ALL ages and the best massage therapist in town! Licensed Massage Therapist Dorrie Ditton’s massage therapy studio is an oasis of calm in the center of a busy fitness center that offers convenience without sacrificing privacy.

During our interview on Tuesday, Jennifer invited me to attend her H.E.A.T group fitness class that evening. H.E.A.T. is a High Energy Athletic Training class which is “intense cardiovascular exercise using plyometrics, calisthenics, and kickboxing with intervals of muscle-building strength. Fast paced and challenging”. Each week the classes are different, so you never get used to the workout or know what’s coming. In this particular class it was set up circuit-style; we did a couple minutes of group cardio then partnered up for a weight training or plyometric station and repeated the process 9 times- it kicked my butt! Two days later I’m still feeling it in my calves and abs and that’s when you know you’ve gotten a great workout 🙂

New Tech Fitness Announcements:

Every month, New Tech offers one free class and in November it will be Power Yoga on Tuesday the 15th from 6:45-8pm.

Saturday, November 19th there will be a 2 hour stationary bike class called Tour de Tech and it will be led by a team of instructors!

Community Discounts

VT Student Discount Memberships (including semester long memberships), Corporate Discounts (which includes VT Faculty) and Blacksburg High School athletes are offered a discounted rate of $15/month accompanied by a coach’s note.

Classes and hours are announced on their Facebook page and website. You can follow New Tech on Twitter.

New Tech Fitness also offers a FREE Member Advantage Card rewarding members with special incentives and discounts at a variety of participating businesses including Awful Arthur’s, Tuck Chiropractic and Next Door Bake Shop.

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