Hello Laser, Goodbye Hair

Got too much body hair?  Don’t pay for another painful wax when you can get permanent results at The Laser Clinic of Blacksburg.  Located at712 North Main Streetjust off the new roundabout, Mary Babcock opened The Laser Clinic about 7 years ago.

Excess hair on the face, arms, back, chest, legs and even the bikini area can be permanently removed over a series of treatments.  The length of treatment is different for each person and body area, but can range from as few as 4 months to as long as a year.  Some clients opt to remove excess hair on their entire body.  (Payment plans are available in those cases.)

And it’s not just for women!  The most popular target areas for men are the back and neck.  Mary has also treated men who have heavy facial hair to help thin out beards or remedy ingrown hairs.

Is it painful?  Well it’s certainly not as bad as a wax.  (Brazilian bikini wax anyone? Yikes!)  The laser machine blows cold air on the skin before, during, and after treatment to counteract the heat from the laser.  The sensation is similar to the snap of a rubber band on the skin.

Hair removal via laser is faster than with electrolysis and is effective with all skin types, though darker hair is easier to treat than lighter hair.  Mary can also remove spider veins and red moles.

Laser treatments are available by appointment only and Mary offers very flexible hours, including evenings and weekends, to accommodate customer’s schedules.  When you come in, the Clinic’s official greeter is Xena, Mary’s blue-eyed dog.  (Mary has extra treats in case you forget to bring one.)

The Laser Clinic also sells vintage Steppin’ Out t-shirts.  Just $5 each or 2 for $8.

Contact Mary at 552.1111 or at info@laserclinicofblacksburg.com to start battling your excess hair today!  Mention this post and you’ll get 10% off your first treatment.

Post written by Peg Warren.

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One thought on “Hello Laser, Goodbye Hair

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