Look Up the Best Tailgate Party in Downtown Blacksburg

Post written by Karen Quina Doyle

Look Up the Best Tailgate Party in Downtown Blacksburg

No, really!  Look. Up.  The best tailgate party in Downtown Blacksburg is on the Kent Square Parking Garage Roof!  Game day spots are GUARANTEED with advance reservation, and according to Site Supervisor Stephanie Pascoe, space is still available for the Carolina game on the 17th.  “We’re as close to the stadium as most of the ones on campus,” lends Pascoe, “but twice as much fun.”

Specific spots can be reserved with Season Parking Passes at the start of the season for the discounted rate of $26/game versus a non-package rate of $35/game.  Non-reserved spaces in the garage’s four lower levels are just $25/game, but tailgating is limited to the rooftop for the open air nature of grilling, etc. You can also purchase lower level spaces in advance for $20 per game versus $25 on Gameday.

Tailgating is to fall as Up on the Roof! is to summer. 

On the last Thursday of every month from March through September, creative professionals, locals, and grad students gather on the Kent Square Rooftop to enjoy each other’s company as well as food, beer, and vodka mixers for a measly five bucks that goes directly into the non-profit coffers of Downtown Events, Inc.  Joining “Up on the Roof! Blacksburg’s Premier Creative Professionals Mixer” Facebook Group now will practically ensure that you’ll be in the loop to be on the roof with the rest of Downtown Blacksburg next summer.

More than just fun and games.

But the Kent Square Parking Garage is more than just fun and games.  It’s open 24/7 for more serious pursuits like finding the closest spot in the shortest amount of time (so you’ll have more to spend on what really matters, like shopping and eating) or making that meeting without worrying about having enough change to feed the meter or being greeted with the dreaded “TIME EXPIRED” ticket when you return.

Life’s simply too short to waste it wondering and worrying, so here are the

 Top 10 Reasons to Park Your Car in the

Kent Square Parking Garage!


You’ll enjoy the serenity and satisfaction of 24/7 closed-circuit protection for your vehicle


No bird poop on your windshield!


The first 14 minutes are FREE!


The repo man won’t find it!


You’ll NEVER spend more than $4/day on parking in Downtown Blacksburg!

15-45min: $1

45min-1.5hr: $2

1.5-2.25hr: $3

2.25-24hr: $4  $5 on weekends

$5 daily maximum rate on weekends, regular weekday rates still apply before 2.25 hours



“It beats parking on campus!”

(according to Kent Square Parking Garage Site Supervisor, Stephanie Pascoe)



American Red Cross, Avid LCC, Cabo Fish Taco, Center for the Arts, IMG Sports, Kent Jewelers, Modea, Real Life Dental Care, Senior Fellows for Resource Development, Sew Attitude, and SunTrust Bank will all validate your parking (Translation: FREE PARKING when you visit these businesses! Where other than Monopoly can you get that?)  Most businesses will validate parking for the time they spend at the business, not necessarily to cover an all day rate.


Kent Square Parking Garage Site Supervisor, Stephanie Pascoe rocks!!!

Stephanie is personally responsible for implementing Charlotte-based Park Inc.’s first-ever parking garage operation right here in Downtown Blacksburg!  Now, the company, specializes in valet services for hotels, restaurants, and VA hospitals along the east coast, Park Inc has taken her experience at Kent Square and  applied it to another parking garage in Washington, D.C.!  Way to go, Stephanie!!!



You’ll never have to feed another meter again!

Kent Square Parking Garage even accepts credit cards(VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as cash and coins) AND gives receipts for reimbursements for taxes, businesses, etc. (ever get one of those from a parking meter??) 

And the #1 Reason to Park Your Car

in  Kent Square Parking Garage


You will never have to face the shame and humiliation of trying to parallel park in public ever again!


Let us hear from you!  

What do you think is the best reason to park in Kent Square Parking Garage?  Write your entry in the comment section below by 5pm Monday, November 7, and we’ll treat the person with the best response (as determined by Downtown Blacksburg) to Full day rate ($4) for parking at Kent Square Garage.  Validation tickets to cover parking for the day can be picked up at the Kent Square Garage office on the day you will be using the garage.

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The Kent Square Parking Garage is located at the corner of Draper Road and Roanoke Street; 383 parking spaces on 4 covered levels plus an open air deck with the best views of Downtown Blacksburg on top!  For more information, contact Site Supervisor,

Stephanie Pascoe at 540/443-3542 or at KentSquare@parkinc.com.

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