Elephant poop paper anyone?

Looking for a unique gift, maybe something a little exotic?  Or how about clothing made from organic cotton?  Vintage costume jewelry anyone?

Homebody specializes in ethically produced products that are part of the fair trade and sweatshop-free revolution that is becoming more important in our global economy.

Products include clothing, jewelry, accessories, crafts, cards and organic bath soaps.  “Our customers like us because they can find gifts that are not expensive, but unusual,” says Margaret Breslau, owner of Homebody.

Elephant Poop Paper: It’s OK to touch it – and don’t worry, it doesn’t smell!

Where else can you find elephant poop paper?  Or purses made from seat belts or zippers?

Margaret has long been a proponent of living local and being environmentally conscious.  In her more than 10 years living in Blacksburg, she has gotten very involved in the community both politically and economically and also works with various VT student groups.  She is a mainstay in the downtown Blacksburg recycling program which collects used batteries, printer cartridges, and CFL lightbulbs.  Also, if you go to the Homebody website – www.home-body.net – you can subscribe to “The Politics of Shopping” newsletter.
Purses made from seat belts!

Margaret was used to living in cities before she moved to Blacksburg when her husband, Daniel Breslau, became a professor in the Department of Science and Technology in Society.   When she first moved to Blacksburg after living in Tel Aviv, Israel for 7 years, she asked a local, “What do you do here in Blacksburg?”  One answer was, “Well, we’re all sort of homebodies.”  That led to the name of her new store, which is now celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

Stop by Homebody for a unique gift or non-mainstream clothing and jewelry.  New items are added every week!
Written by Peg Warren, Assistant Director of Downtown Blacksburg, Inc.

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