Know your Town Council

Citizens First invites you to the:
Blacksburg Town Council Candidate Forum
Wednesday, September 14th, 7pm-9pm
Community Room, Blacksburg Library

Come hear the positions of Blacksburg Town Council Candidates on the important issues facing Blacksburg in the coming years:
School property development
Blacksburg quality of life
Residential code enforcement
Downtown revitalization
Bikeways and safe routes to schools
Relations with Virginia Tech
Sustainable landscapes
Candidate management style

There are 5 candidates running for 3 positions this year:
John Bush
Leslie Hager-Smith
Melvyn Jay “Mel” Huber
Paul Lancaster
Michael Stuphin

Election Information
The election of members of Town Council and the Mayor are held on the general election date in November of odd-numbered years beginning in November 2009. The mayor serves a four-year term and the council members serve four-year staggered terms.

Citizens age 18 and over may register to vote at the Montgomery County Voter Registration Office, Room 220, Christiansburg, VA, 540-382-5741; at the DMV when applying for a motor vehicle driver’s license; by mail (applications available at the Blacksburg Library, Blacksburg Post Office, DMV, Christiansburg Library); or in person at special registration locations set-up prior to elections.

Blacksburg has two polling places for local elections: the Blacksburg Community Center and the Library. Call 540-382-5741 for voter registration information and locations that provide public assistance or are primarily engaged in serving persons with disabilities.
Blacksburg Town Council

Citizens First for Blacksburg is a non-partisan Political Action Committee constituted by Blacksburg area residents (including Montgomery County & Christiansburg) to promote good governance and vibrant citizen democracy.
You can find out more about Citizens First


2 thoughts on “Know your Town Council

  1. Paul Lancaster

    Actually, voters now vote at their regular November voting places. The two town sites were used during the May elections. So you’ll vote at Beeks, the library, St. Michael’s, or wherever you normaly vote.

  2. Max

    All elections in Blacksburg (aside from primaries) take place in November. Local elections used to be in May, but now are in November where you vote for everything else. It’s been that way for several years now and was moved to be easier for voters and get more people to vote.

    There are plenty more than 2 voting locations in Blacksburg.

    This was poorly written.

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