You are cordially invited……

Referred to by Christian Trejbal of The Roanoke Times as “Blacksburg’s traitorous celebration”, Downtown Blacksburg Inc. and The Lyric Theatre have taken on the role of “wedding planner” for this very special event!

The Royal Wedding Party will take place on Friday, April 29th,  in the Lyric Theatre.

The wedding cake is ordered and amidst much excitement the talented chefs of Next Door Bake Shop are keeping the design plans under wraps. The secret is  as closely guarded as that of the blushing bride’s dress. What we do know is that it will feature a unique wedding cupcake design and that it will be delicious.

There will be flowers and bunting, traditional decorations for British Street Parties which accompany any Royal Celebration. During the recent First Friday Wedding Fever event, participants enjoyed making some of the decorations.

Trejbal went on to state: “the royals couldn’t even pay America the courtesy of scheduling the festivities for a decent hour.”  Obviously due to the time difference the party in the Lyric will start before the birds are up, although for the Royal Couple it will be a mid-morning event across the pond.  As guests arrive at the Lyric at the uncivilized hour of 5am, they will be serenaded by ‘Patent Pending Clarinet Quartet’ and a Bassoon and Flute duet comprising of  Virginia Tech Music Majors. Not a bad way to start the day, really.   How many other early morning activities soothe you with such classical tunes as Beethoven’s “Six Minuets” or Handel’s “Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”?

On March 22nd Mayor Ron Rordam signed a proclamation on behalf of Blacksburg Town Council, declaring April 29 a “Day of Public Celebration” to mark the nuptials of “the commoner Catherine Elizabeth Middleton and His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis of Wales of the Kingdom of Great Britain”. And in a heartfelt response to Trejbal’s editorial Mayor Rordam pleads “guilty to being a Royalist….if only for a day” and  admits to “getting choked up a little when they play God save the Queen.”

In keeping with British tradition wedding guests will be able to participate in a TOMBOLA. In this variation of a raffle, people purchase numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. The winning tickets end in a “0” or  a “5” .  The drawn tickets are checked against a collection of prizes with numbers attached to them, and the holder of the ticket wins the prize. Guests will be drawing to win a plethora of imported British delights including delicious Cadbury’s chocolates, sparkling Vimto, Tetley teas, the infamous “Spotted Dick”, and so much more!

There will be tea and coffee, served in real teacups and saucers, of course; homemade scones, cucumber sandwiches and other nibbles all included in the price of the ticket. Care to indulge in a Buck’s Fizz? Step up to the cash bar to enjoy the champagne treat known in the Americas as a Mimosa!

Come in your favorite funky formal wear or your silliest millinery and you could win a smashing prize! The Roanoke Times Paparazzi will be  on the scene offering guests the photo opportunity of a lifetime–there will be two very special guests on that red carpet with you.

The event will be full of fun and surprises in addition to being able to watch the wedding of the century on the big screen in your favorite theatre. Tickets are a mere $5 a piece but be warned…they are moving fast! Tickets are available in the Lyric lobby, or call 540-951-4771.

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We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors: the Lyric Theatre, and Downtown Blacksburg, Inc., and for the support of WDBJ7, New River Stage Town Criers, The Roanoke Times, Next Door Bake Shop, Gourmet Pantry, Kent Jewelers and Bollo’s Cafe, Mayor Rordam, the Blacksburg Town Council, and the Town of Blacksburg.

And to our dear friend, Christian Trejbal- thanks for the fun, we hope you will be our guest and join this “traitorous celebration”!


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