Traditional goodies with an Asian twist!

In the not too distant past, two young sisters in Thailand had a childhood dream of opening a coffee store and bakery together when they grew up. Aivey had a penchant for mixing unusual and exotic flavors to produce the very best coffees and teas; Pie just loved to bake. In Aivey’s words, “Pie bakes THE best Pies!” Several years passed, the sisters moved to America and attended university- Aivey studied at Purdue and Pie at Virginia Tech. Upon completion of her studies, Aivey came to Blacksburg to visit her younger sister, Pie. In love with our beautiful town and noticing a niche in the market Aivey and Pie opened Cafe de Bangkok, along with childhood friend, Kim, and made Blacksburg their home. Time passed and Aivey married and moved away leaving Pie and Kim to continue running the successful Thai restaurant on Jackson Street in downtown Blacksburg.

Moving on a few years and two children later, Aivey and her husband return to Blacksburg with their young family. Aivey and Pie resurrect their shared dream of opening a Bakery when they learn of the vacant location previously occupied by The Daily Grind. The dream became a reality with the opening of Next Door Bake Shop, conveniently located in Collegiate Square next to New Tech Fitness, New Image Barbers and The Center of Dance.

In Thailand Coffee Shops tend to be bright and colorful, very different from the traditional look of an American Coffee house.  With this in mind, Pie and Aivey turned to 2-year-old Emmey for help with the decor! Emmey picked her favorite colors to adorn the bright and cheerful family friendly coffee and bake shop. Pie and Aivey’s brother, Putt, designed the attractive logo for the store; and although he lives in California he plans to be a part of this family venture.

The Next Door Bake Shop offers traditional baked goods, drinks, breakfast and lunch with an Asian twist such as the turkey breast sandwich with Thai Peanut Sauce and the fresh coconut latte which are the top selling items on the menu. Cookies, muffins, tomato pies, pina colada cupcakes and much more, all freshly baked, homemade and all delicious complement the full menu of specialty drinks available. Kids can even order an Elmo drink- extremely scrumptious and full of “good for you” ingredients.

Open for little more than a few months, Next Door Bake Shop is slowly building a loyal customer base. VT classes and other local groups have started to use the cafe as their regular meeting place.  Regulars pop in on their way to and from dance classes at The Center of Dance or exercise routines across the hall at New Tech Fitness. One customer will be showing her artwork on the walls early in the New Year; another, Galen, will be performing live music on Wednesday afternoons starting December 1st  at  5:30p.m. With a play area for children, free wireless access and an imaginative and exciting menu of baked goods and specialty drinks, Next Door Bake Shop has something for everyone. Coming soon: Cookie Monster Drinks! (And guess what? You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy one!)


Monday- Friday 7am-7pm

Saturday- 9am -7pm

Sunday- 9am- 4pm

Next Door Bake Shop
460 Turner St., NW, #204
Blacksburg, VA   24060

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