Gourmet Local with Gourmet Pantry

As part of Blacksburg Library Be Local events, Gourmet Pantry hosted the event Gourmet Local on Tuesday, November 9, 2010. Gourmet Pantry recently celebrated its 10th anniversary! Located on 401 South Main, the shop offers gourmet foods, coffees, wines, essential cooking tools, and cooking lessons. Gourmet Pantry also brings in the best fresh fish in town. Order by Wednesday and it comes to the store on Thursday. Owner Roya Nazare led the event starting off with “must haves” for the Thanksgiving cooking and ended with a “how to” on a delightful Mediterranean Wild Rice Salad.

Roya has been a gourmet cook for over 20 years and has owned and self-managed five restaurants. She stated that investing in a good set of knives and using fresh ingredients has lead to her success as a good cook. The three main knives include: a chef”s knife, a parring knife, and a santoku knife. Check out the video below as Roya explains how to use a chef’s knife. Remember if you drop your knife, let it drop!

Among other tools Roya demonstrated the use of a Mandolin. With a simple gliding stroke, the cooking instrument finely slices potatoes. Another useful tool, a microblade, can be helpful in zesting and grating especially cinnamon and nutmeg for the upcoming holiday season. Do you know the story behind the microblade? A lady could not find her grater so she went to the garage and to her surprise she found the perfect grating tool, a rasp, which later became the microblade.

Stay tuned for the Mediterranean Wild Rice Salad recipe!
Follow the Gourmet Pantry on Facebook and join in on their upcoming events.


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