Downtown Photowalkers….

Now showing in the Community Arts Information Office
The collective work of amateur and professional photographers who joined the Scott Kelby International Photo Walk in July 2010. This is the first time a Photo Walk took place in Blacksburg, and there are plans to make this an annual event in the downtown area.
The display will be in the CAIO Gallery until the end of November. Stop by and take a look!
Photo Walk Participants:
Mike Diersing,Teresa Hash, Kirk Carter, Matt Schmachtenberg, Rebecca Fraenkel, Jennifer Hall, Tom Booth,
Brad Klowdowski, Sam Yerkes, Wendy Hodge, Diana Conner, Laureen Blakemore, Jed Castro, Derley Aguilar,
Lisa Marshall, Kala Marshall, Stacie Castro, Joe Zhou

Photos submitted for display by:
Mike Diersing,Teresa Hash, Kirk Carter,Laureen Blakemore, Jed Castro, Derley Aguilar,Lisa Marshall, Kala Marshall,


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