Spotlight: Rockers All Star Cheerleading

UPDATE: 1/12/12 We are sad to announce that Rockers All Stars disbanded in October 2011


Rockers All Star Cheerleading  is  Blacksburg’s very own “Bring it On” company! As a non-profit, these all stars strive to promote the athletic sport of competitive  cheerleading in the New River Valley through team-building and skills-training. Located off of Central Avenue in Christiansburg, cheerleaders from various age groups come to train for local, regional and national competitions. There are four teams,  including: Youth for ages 12 and under, Senior for 10 through 18-year-olds, Collegiate Open Level 6 for ages 17 and up, and International Level 5 for ages 14 and up.  There is no age limit for competitive cheerleading — the Collegiate Open Level 6 team’s oldest member is 37. Oh, and what a way to travel–Team International Level 5 is looking to qualify to Cheerleading Worlds in Disney! One of  the  Rockers’  known accomplishments  is being a first-year gym to qualify for U.S. finals in Richmond.

Meet the Coaches

Head Coaches, Christina Spako and Orlando Mortimer

Starting at a local gym, Head Coaches and long-time friends, Christina Spako and Orlando Mortimer, restructured the existing program to the current Rockers All Star Cheerleading. Both coaches moved from New Orleans to pursue their passion for competitive cheerleading. Peyton Mills, an All Star, states, “Coach O is my biggest inspiration. He is always there to spot me and provide encouragement.” The Rockers also have two assistant coaches,  Chris Reid and Danielle Lare.

Meet the All Stars

Left: Chance St. Clair              Center: Rockers at Downtown Tailgate             Right: Kaitlyn Stephens

Chance St. Clair, Age 10

He started competitive cheerleading by observing his friends who were having fun. Chance’s favorite stunt is doing scorpions in the air. He hopes to get to Cheerleading Worlds.

Kaitlyn Stephens, Age 10

Starting at age 7, Kaitlyn enjoyed school cheerleading and wanted to get involved in competitive cheerleading. At her first competition, her mom told her how she had done a great job and gave her a big hug, which automatically reduced her nervousness. Kaitlyn wants to qualify for Cheerleading Worlds and eventually become a professional cheerleader for the NFL.

Sarah Dascanio

Sarah Dascanio, Age 17

A cheerleader for 8 years and an All Star for 4 years, Sarah competes with three different teams. Her favorite competitions have been the Baltimore Competition and Battle at the Capital. Besides cheerleading, Sarah is a Virginia Tech student majoring in Human Nutrition and finds time to work two jobs! She states, “Cheerleading is like running sprints, full of adrenaline. It’s such a rush. I love it!”

Interested in joining or learning more?

Contact Rockers All Star Cheerleading at or visit

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